Bob Hansen speaks about the Team Hansen Honda revival.

Revival (.7M)

Visit Mid-Ohio as Dan Schmitt takes you for a racing lap of the track, with a helmet cam, as seen on a Chicago TV show about Team Hansen Honda.

Mid-Ohio (1.4M)

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the world's first 6 speed gearbox for a CB-450 as it screams through 2 rollons and a full pull, all 6 gears, at 10,000 RPM.

Dynojet (1.7M)

See the three Team Hansen Honda CR 450s in action at Daytona 2002.

Daytona 2002 (4.2M)
Hop on board the Team Hansen Honda CR 450 as it takes a hot lap at Daytona 2004.

Daytona 2004 Lap (4.2M)
1st gear through 6th gear, they're all right at Daytona 2004.

Daytona 2004 (2.7M)


The Speedvision crew stopped by to interview Bob Hansen at the Team Hansen Honda Pit area, just before the Team went out on the track to race at the Mid- Ohio race course,during the AMA vintage Days Event.

Interview (2.9M)



Mosport GP Hondas


cr450 walkaround

daytona 134mph

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