Team Hansen at DeLand 2001 for the team's return to racing.
Bob Hansen and Terry Naughtin standing with three CR 450 replicas at Daytona 2002 after placing 6th, 7th, and 8th. Having the highest placing Hondas on the starting grid.
Bob watches the fairing being installed as Ken Awae and Hikaru Miyagi fasten it down.
Butch Sprain (#147) talks tires with Miyagi who is Honda's official collection hall rider. Miyagi came to Daytona from Japan in 2001 to ride for out team.
Bob Hansen talking with Bob Jameson while Ken Awae works on the correct gearing for Daytona.
Bob Hansen sorting things out on the Larry Schafer #6 CR 450 replica with Larry's wife in the background.
Bob Hansen working on Miyagi's CR750 replica.
Larry Schafer looking at the replica of the CR 450 which he rode in the 67 Daytona race 34 years before. Terry Naughtin makes carburetor adjustments.
Larry helping out before the race.
Bob Hansen and Bob Jameson talk about the way it was back in 1967.
Terry works on the CR with help from his wife Alyson. Bob Hansen, Larry Schafer, and his wife look on.
Terry, Ken, and Rocky pre-race check the CR.
Miyagi talks to Rocky about tire pressures on the Swede Savage CR replica as Bob watches at Daytona.
Rocky pouring that really good spectro oil into the engine.
Team Hansen racing storyboard put out for fans to see original photos from the 67 Daytona race.
Deja vu. Jim Odom's name can be seen on the windscreen after a crash at Daytona almost identical to Odom's crash in 1967.
Butch Sprain pulled out fast on the start at Daytona. Starting from the 24th grid position, he reached 6th place by turn two but crashed at the horseshoe with a stuck throttle.
Terry's wife Alyson twisting the throttle on a 450 black bomber. She also makes great hamburgers. Just ask anyone who's had one.
Almost makes you see double (or is that triple).
Terry Naughtin #337 when he was racing before taking on the duties of Team Hansen.
Bob Hansen and Terry Naughtin were the judges for the competition motorcycle class at California DelMar Classic in 2000. We also entered Bob's BSA Gold Star but did not judge it.

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