Butch Sprain - #147 Knoxville TN

What can I say about a hard charger like Butch Sprain. Second time on a Team Hansen racer and he put himself on the podium twice in two days behind the country's top running Norton Manx replica. Ask him how he does it and he can't tell you. All he says is, "Fire the motor up and give me the throttle." After he comes in off the track, I ask him how it ran and all I get is an excited rebel yell.

Steve Brown - #57x Albuquerque, NM

Steve is the thinking man's racer. Yep, he's thought it all out. He knows just where to put that front tire on every turn, on every lap. He knows how to come off a corner. Maybe that's why he put a Team Hansen CR 450 replica into 6th place at Daytona first time riding the motorcycle. What can you say about a guy that puts the number one plate on his bike three years in a row.

Scott Strickler - #118 Indianapolis, IN

Always searching for a faster way around the track, here's a young guy with all the vintage knowledge of a man twice his age. Scott is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Beginning in 1995, Scott has raced aboard an ex-works 500 BSA, a 1937 Rudge Ulster, along with Team Hansen's CR-450s. He occasionally also races dirt track in AHMRA.

Dave Rosno - #28 Eagle, WI

Everyone knows 'Super' Dave. He's the guy who gets more from your racer than you thought it had to give. This is the man who knows the setup. He's so good at it, he teaches others how to do it.

Karsten Illg - #19x

Karsten has been a motocrosser and in 2003 made the move to road racing in his second year he is always running at the front. Also, the 19x he carries is his fathers number run in AHRMA for many years.

Mark Loveland - #689

Daytona 2002.

Andrew Murry - #14x

Andrew has been racing with his brother Craig in AHMRA and was the 2003 middleweight superbike class champion.

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Team Hansen at Mid-Ohio 2002.
Scott Strickler, Wes Orloff, Steve Brown, and Dan Schmitt who will be wearing a helmet camera to video tape the race as he rides one of our CR 450's.
Steve, Scott, and Dan head out for practice at Mid-Ohio.
Terry Naughtin and #28 'Super' Dave Rosno talk race suspensions at Grattan, MI on a 90 degree race weekend.
Well known transmission maker from England, Graham Dyson of Nova, gives Terry Naughtin a hand at Daytona 2003.
Reno Leoni, well known Ducati tuner, stopped by to check the worlds first dry clutch and rotary oil pump on a CB 450, motor as a staff photographer takes photos for an upcoming article in a Japanese magazine.
Butch Sprain dropped by with his latest version of a Team Hansen street model while testing it out.
Blake Conway came all the way from California to check out the great paint jobs he did on our tanks and bodywork. Nice job Blake.

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Engines being removed for Datona rebuild and preparation.
Race prepared head being lowered on new aluminum cylinders and pistons.
One done, two to go.
Team Hansen at Daytona 2004.
Spectator interest in the CR 450s.
Big motor with broken rockerarm out of the race.
Dave Rosno's CR 450 with 1967 Daytona historic pictures behind it.
Andrew Murrey riding 14x for the first time.
"Super Dave" Rosno setting up an on board camera to tape his race with Lorraine's assistance.
Cycle News' managing edtor, Scott Rousseau, taking photos for an up coming story on Team Hansen.
Gerry O'Sullivan and teammate from Ireland stopped by to talk to Bob and Terry.
Bob enjoying another Daytona and the warm sunshine.
Andrew warming up the engine before the race.
Andrew entering the International Horseshoe turn.
Dave Rosno lapping some riders from the second wave.
Dave on the truck after being hit and taken out of the race on day two while running in 4th place.
Dave off to a strong 4th place start in race one of the premiere 500 class.
Dave riding hard as the magneto is starting to fail.
Andrew Murrey entering turn one.

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This is the Bob Hansen trophy donated by Terry and Alyson Naughtin at the AHMRA Daytona banquet 2001 to honor Bob. It is awarded to the best performance on a Honda twin each year.
Brent Hensley 2000 450cc
Steve Brown 2001 350cc

Tim Mings 2002 350cc


Tim Sheedy 2003 450cc
Craig Hirko 2004 350cc
Pictured is the Bob Hansen Best Appearing award, which is given yearly at Mid-Ohio in Bob's name, for the best looking Honda twin, not necessarily the fastest.
Bob and Terry presenting Tom Marquardt the award for his Honda at Mid-Ohio 2002.
Terry presenting the Best Appearing award to Steve Brown for his Honda 350 at Mid-Ohio, 2003.
Terry Naughtin and Bob Hansen presenting Tom Faulds, Jeff Peters, and Harry Peters the Team Hansen award at Mid-Ohio for 2004 for their beautiful 750 Rickman Honda.
Terry Naughtin and Bob Hansen presenting Todd Narduzzi with the best appearing Honda award for 2005 at Mid-Ohio vintage days.

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Team Hansen would like to thank Nick Devinck for his great racing photos, Todd Cramer for his photographic contributions, and all others for thier great pictures.

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