450 Dry Clutch - This is a complete 450 race motor with the worlds first dry clutch assembly and rotary oil pump with oil cooler and top end oiling set. Team Hansen Honda is the sole U.S. distributor for this item and components.
Close up of dry clutch assembly.
Combines an efficient oil pump with a dry clutch. The rotary oil pump is driven by a gear behind the crankshaft primary gear which gives a superior flow rate to that of the original plunger pump.
The Dry Clutch has fibre coated friction plates and steel drivingplates. The Primary Gear and Clutch Drum are supported on needle roller and ballrace bearings for a low friction drive. The Clutch cover being an aluminum casting, adnodised to give the appearance of electron.
Clutch basket, discs, and pressure plate assembly.
Main drive gear and assorted bearings.
Honda 450 true close ratio 5-speed - We have the last of the Nova CR racing 5-speed transmissions.
Honda 450 close ratio 6-speed - Team Hansen Honda collaborated with Graham Dyson of Nova Transmissions to develop the world's first 6-speed close ratio racing transmission for the Honda CB450. We are the exclusive U.S. distributor for this product.
Full Six Speed Close Ration Gear Set comprising both input and output shafts and all gears, 3 selector forks, selector drum, indexing block, and neutral indexing roller. Supplied fully assembled ready for installation.

All engagement dogs are undercut and have three dogs to promote positive and rapid engagement.

We have dispensed with the standard circlip retaining the Clutch Centre and manufactured the input shaft with a screw thread. The gearboxes are supplied with the necessary washer and lock nut together with the Clutch Pressure Plate pusher. The only modification required to fit this gearbox using the standard wet clutch is to provide sufficient clearance in the centre of the Clutch Hub for spanner to fit the nut.

Should you in the future decide to fit the Dry Clutch this arrangement will be already in place and not involve any more additional expense.

Ratios are as follows:
1st15-29 teeth1.933:1
) 25%
2nd18-27 teeth1.5:1
) 18.9%
3rd13-28 teeth1.217:1
) 14.7%
4th26-27 teeth1.038:1
) 10.8%
5th27-25 teeth0.926:1
) 25%
6th31-27 teeth0.86:1

overall reduction 1st to 6th 55.5%

Honda 450 Oil Cooler - We manufacture on an core exchange basis engine oil cooler setups including a top end kit at extra charge.
This is my oil cooler setup installed with optional top end oil set. Cold oil straight to the cams, it works!

We also have a modification to your valve covers to help reduce rocker arm wear on an exchange basis.

Race Prepared Honda 450 Cylinder Head - Ported, flowed, raised intakes, new intake blocks installed for port volume, shaped combustion chambers, repositioned exhaust floors.
Pictured is Honda 450 cylinder head being flowed on a Superflow machine.
Velocity Stacks - I have put every kind of stack on the dyno. There's only one that works. Ask us about it.
Honda 450 Billet Super Lite Racing Camshafts & Lightweight Rocker Arms - Team Hansen Honda supplies the super lite camshafts for racing applications in various grinds for top end power or short track.
Pictured is a cylinder head with a lite weight billet cam and racing rockers equipped with 5.5mm titanium valves and top end oiling system. Camshaft needle bearings available.
Stock Core Racing Camshafts - We have racing cams or high performance street cams for your 450. The cams pictured have the highest lift and longest duration of any 450 cam available and can be used with coil springs or torsion bar setups.
Honda 450 Exhaust Flange - We make aluminum exhaust flanges to replace the heavy steel factory finned flanges on any CB Honda 450.
Honda CB 450 Racing Pistons - We have the lightest forged 3-ring racing pistions available in 70mm, 74mm, and 75.5mm. Other people can say what they want, these are the lightest. Quotes on compression ratio depend upon combustion chamber and deck heights. They include pins and ringset.
We also sell pistons complete with thermal heat coatings. Remember, top of the piston is the combustion floor.
Pictured is a 74mm overbore piston with oil retention knurled skirts.
Also available by special request are Carillo rods and super lite weight 2-ring pistons.
Aluminum Big Bore Kit - This is our Aluminum sleeved big bore kit with pistons and rings. These are the lighest pistons you will find anywhere.
Honda 450 Valves - Finding valves for Honda 450 is difficult at best.
We supply stainless stock replacement valves.
We make 23 degree and 29 degree tulips along with nailhead and undercut stems.

Light weight stainless steel racing valves. These are forged down to 5.5mm at the neck (not cut) and can be used in stock valve guides.


We have tested ten kinds of valve stems and valve heads. We know what works where. That's why we make our own valves top end or short course. We have what you need.

Competition Valves - Don't confuse these with the stock replacement valves. We have competition valves to meet your needs. These are the finest stainless steel valves anywhere.
Honda 450 Chromoly Frame & Accessories - Frame pictured with seats, fender, and replica honda backing plates to make your hubs look like CR racing brakes. All of the parts pictured are available from Team Hansen Honda.
A completed frame ready for parts.
This is what we call a competitor's view.
A just completed chromoly frame waiting for paint.
Honda CR Aluminum Gas Tank - Pictured is a painted CR aluminum gas tank with one of our replica decals.
We sell aluminum tanks which are replicas of Honda tanks.
Fiberglass Gas Tanks - We are now supplying a line of fiberglass tanks. Pictured is a replica Aermacchi or Harley Sprint racing tank. Also available with a LeMans cap. 1967-1970
All Ducati singles.
Fits Norton Manx atlas street slimline frame only.
Honda CR 750 style racing tank. Seat also available for long or short frame 750s.
Generic racing style fits many frames. 26" long large tunnel to fit japanese frames.
Fiberglass Racing Seat - Pictured is a replica Aermacchi or Harley Sprint racing seat. 1967-1970
Finished CR Seat With Suede Leather Covering And Rivets - We can also supply correct RC seats in fiberglass taken from Mike Hailwood's aluminum seat.
Honda GP Seat - Taken from original aluminum seat mold.
Honda GP Fender - Rear light weight racing fender.
Fork Brace - This is the strongest fork brace made. It has a radial v-cut on the inside which locks into the goove on the Honda forks.
AHMRA Legal Belly Pans - We designed this aluminum pan to work with stock Honda frames or frames close to that style.
Can be fastened on with zip ties. It can hold absorbant material and hold wire.
When in use, it looks like a sump extension of the motor as seen on Team Hansen CR 450s.
Replica Honda RC Tachometers - These are replica RC tachs from the 60s.
They are mechanical drive and come complete with ring mount in 1:4 or 1:7 drive ratios.
Replica Smiths Tachometers - We can supply new replica Smiths tachs. 12, 15, 18, or 22 thousand RPM with rubber ring mount. Pictured is a replica Smiths tach bolted to a replica fairing tach mount holder which has been powder coated.
18,000 RPM replica Smiths tach.
Ring mount holder.
Ring mount mounted.
Carburetors - We sell Keihin carbs, also Mikuni, along with parts and cables.
Honda 450 High Pipes - Here's a Team Hansen bike fitted with a set of high pipes.

We also make computer designed race pipes for 450s.

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Original Yoshimura Racing Grind Cam - This is the same cam that many people take the specs from then regrind a new core.
Crank Assembly - Yoshimura built and prepped.
Yoshimura Prepped Valves - For the racer or to collect.
Yoshimura Super Lite 2 Ring Piston - With original Yosh stickers. All the compression you need.
31mm Keihin Racing Carbs
Velocity Stacks - An assortment of original velocity stacks.

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Tank Decal - The original decals used on the Hansen CR-450's in 1967 were not included in the shipment of motorcycles to Bob's shop. So, he used the decals from a 90cc step thru kit offered by Honda. My decals are only .008 thick which makes them the thinest you'll find available anywhere. Instead of the heavy mylar offered elsewhere, which makes it difficult to cover with paint, these decals can be easily applied on the tank with or without clear coating. They're so thin, you can barely tell that they're decals.

Price: $28.00 per pair (free shipping)

Official Team Hansen Decal - This decal was designed by Bob Hansen himself as the team emblem. It is offered to those who have an interest in the team. It can be used anywhere: windscreen, tank, seat, etc.

Price: $2.50 each (free shipping)

Condor Motorcycle Stand - Condor, the ultimate motorcycle chock and trailer stop. Team Hansen Honda is the exclusive AHMRA dealer for this fantastic product. Trailer kit included.
  • Works on pavement, concrete, gravel, dirt, sand, and transport platforms.
  • Accomodates 16"=22" dia. /100-220w front and rear wheels and tires.
  • Supports up to 1200 lbs.
  • Folds down to become compact or hang on a wall.
  • Weighs only 21 lbs.
  • Makes maintenance easy.
  • Anodized aluminum construction, plastic coated ends, and powder coated wheel roller and tire stop.
  • Made in the USA.

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