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Race or parade. This racer was made in England, built to high standards, and is ready to run. Not many sounds as beautiful as a screaming 4 cylinder Benelli.


This beautiful 550 has:
  • Airtech fairing, tank, and seat
  • Honda front forks which have been valved
  • Dual discs with SS brake lines
  • Progressive aluminum adjustable shocks
  • 50mm spares and extra big bore kit

1990 DUCATI 750
Only 200 imported into the US! This beautiful Italian red, narrow, and very loud bike gathers crowds where ever it goes.
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Brembo dual piston iron rotor GP brakes
  • Stainless brake and clutch lines
  • Handmade anodized rear sets
  • Dry clutch
  • Veralucci SS 2-into-1 pipe
  • Veralucci aluminum swing arm with buttons
  • Cut down racing rear fender
  • Powder coated wheels

This bike was built to the same specs as our racer which placed 6th at Daytona in it's first race.
  • Aluminum gas tank
  • Suede leather seat
  • Progressive aluminum adjustable shocks
  • Polished rims
  • SS spokes
  • Honda machined CR replica front and rear brakes
  • Correct gray color (1967) brake, throttle, and clutch cables
  • Computer designed race pipes
  • High compression pistons with overbore
  • Racing cams
  • Oil cooler setup
  • Powder coated front sliders
  • New over front fork tubes
  • Replica factory steering head brace
  • Sictsu electric tach
  • Factory Honda replica front fairing stay with steering damper head attachment
  • Works style gas cap
  • Aluminum pegs and brake pedal
  • Frame gussets exactly the same as original CR 450
  • Aluminum front fender brace with aluminum stays and fiberglass fender
  • Correct tank decal
  • Correct CR 450 fairing with Dzus fasteners
  • All nuts and bolts chrome plated
  • CR cars are available
  • Wife not included

Second to the last racing motorcycle Bob finished as a racer.
  • Stock frame set up for racing
  • Late model 38mm forks
  • Brembo master cylinder and calipers with lightened iron rotors
  • CB-750 rear brake machined for racing
  • Flanged aluminum rims with SS spokes front and rear
  • Avon tires
  • Progressive adjustable aluminum rear shocks
  • Front fork brace
  • Aluminum vented gas tank
  • Aluminum oil tank
  • Oil cooler
  • Scitcu electric tach
  • Steel brake lines
  • Airtech CR rear seatwith suede leather cover
  • Airtech CR 750 fairing with Dzus fasteners
  • Aluminum foot pegs and rear sets
  • Rob North made CR 750 racing pipes
  • CR 31mm Keihen carbs
  • 5 speed close ratio gearbox
  • Head ported and flowed
  • Norris camshaft
  • Plus one extra late model last generation single overhead cam motor

This is the original CR-450, built by Honda and delivered to Bob Hansen and raced by Swede Savage at Daytona. This motorcycle is original other than fairing and seat replica. Inquiries can be made to TeamHansenHonda at my e-mail address. A little footnote: This motorcycle was raced by Swede Savage in 1967 at Daytona, was returned in 1997 and scored a second place finish in the prestigious 500 Premiere Class and has now been retired.
  • Original aluminum tank
  • Original engine with porkchop racing crankshaft
  • Original ignition
  • Magnesium 35mm Keihin carburators
  • CR front and rear Honda racing brakes
  • Original wheels, forks, tachometer, etc

  • Owned by Davey Camlin
  • Alloy barrels and head
  • Original factory built racer

BSA 1959
  • B-33 500cc single
  • Coil Ignition


  • 350cc Yoush pistons
  • New polished rims and stainless steel spokes
  • Kehin sand cast 31mm carburators
  • Avons
  • Honda 450 front brake
  • New vintage brake linings
  • Progressive shocks
  • All fresh, ready to go

1948 Harley Pan Head
  • Complete later restoration done
  • Excellent condition and driver
  • Includes saddle bags and extra exhaust
  • This bike turns heads where ever it goes

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