HONDA CR450 as raced by Swede Savage at Daytona 1967

HONDA CR450 as raced at Daytona 2007

HONDA CR450 as it resides today in the HONDA COLLECTION HALL


500GP National Championship
500GP Dixie Cup
500GP Master Of The Midwest
500GP Pacific Crown
500GP World Championship 2nd
2011 Daytona Wins 2 at 137 MPH
350 Sportsman National Championship
350 Dixie Cup
350 Master Of The Midwest
350 Pacific Crown
350 Sportsman World Championship 1st
2011 Daytona Wins 1st & 1 2nd at 124 MPH

Mike and terry after winning 2 races at Daytona International Speedway

Terry, Alyson and Mike on their way to the awards ceremony at Daytona

Mike heading into turn one at Daytona

Mike leading a Manx and G50 from New Zealand on his way to 137 MPH and the WIN!

Mike wins 500GP at miller 2011

Terry making repairs after Saturdays win at Miller

Mike on his way to anther win at Texas in the 350 Sportsman class

Mike putting in another winning ride at
Willow Springs California starting from the back row...

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Bob Hansen
Bob Hansen at age 92 still enjoys it when TEAM HANSEN win's first place

This is Terry with Mike Mathews, the newest member of Team Hansen.
Mike won the 500 sportsman class and placed 4th in the premier 500 while running 134 MPH ! on the banking at Daytona. Mike did a great job of using all the performance available to him at Daytona, being his first ever ride for Team Hansen " job well done Mike "

Mike Mathews on his way to a first place win in the 500 Sportsman class at Daytona 2008

Bob and Terry 1998

The beginning of the Revival

It was a beautiful sunny July day, bright with anticipation. There I was on my knees, twisting wrenches as usual, making sure everything was tight and right for the upcoming practice. Suddenly a shadow fell across my Honda. I looked up to see a man cutting across my pit area. I said to myself, "Hey, I know that face." It belonged to Bob Hansen, the famous tuner from Racine, Wisconsin. I should know, Iím racing a Hansen CR 450 replica and there, sitting on my tool chest is my 3" thick scrap book on Mr. Hansen and his vintage CR 450ís. I spoke up and said, "Mr. Hansen... Bob Hansen". The gentleman stops, turns around and says, "I like your racer". He was gracious enough to autograph my scrap book. That was the start of a friendship which Bob and I have shared since that day back in the summer of 1998.

Over the course of many subsequent hour long phone conversations, Bob asked me to build a motor for his Honda 450 and I mentioned the subject of recreating the original Team Hansen, in his honor. Bob said, "Letís go racing!" So, between our shop and Bobís own shop, we built 3 replica 1967 CR 450ís and took them to Daytona in 2001. Each one was named in honor of the three original riders, Larry Shafer, Swede Savage, and Jim Odom. I was successful in getting Larry Shafer #6 and Bob Jameson, Bobís original tuner, to be a part of Daytona 2001. Jim Odom #16 was unable to attend and Swede Savage #74 unfortunately passed away during a racing crash at the Indy 500.

As in all vintage racing when youíre using old and original parts, you have great races and some not so great. But I am thankful for the opportunity to share this experience with Bob. I have built this website on my own to honor Bob for his accomplishments and to show what Bob and I are doing with Team Hansen today. I hope that all who view this site enjoy it and understand the spirit of Team Hansen Honda---racing history, the past into the future.

Terry Naughtin

Mick Walker's new publication Japanese Production Racing Motorcycles has been released. It has information on Bob, Team Hansen, and the Revival. Look for it soon.

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The first Hailwood project RC172 / 350 is finished...

Coming up, see how Terry put the hailwood RC 172 / 350 on the race track

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